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July 1, 2021

Do you have trouble distinguishing different colors? Do those internet memes about the color of a dress or shoes drive you a bit batty? If so, you may be colorblind. If so, you’re certainly in good company. As many as 300 million people have this issue! In this article, a local Los Angeles, CA optometrist discusses color blindness. 


The word colorblind is fairly self-explanatory: it means to have trouble differentiating between colors. Some people may have difficulty discerning how bright colors are, while others may have trouble distinguishing different shades. The most common types of colorblindness, deuteranomaly and protanomaly, make it hard to tell the difference between red and green. People with tritanomaly have trouble distinguishing blue and green and yellow and red, while those with tritanopia may have trouble with blue and green, purple, and red, and/or yellow and pink. It may interest you to know that everyone sees color a bit differently anyway: even those who aren’t colorblind don’t see things exactly the same.


Colorblindness affects about one in 12 men, or about 5 to 10 percent of the population. It’s most common in white people. The condition is usually inherited. However, it can also develop after an injury to the eye or brain. It may also get worse over age, and is not uncommon in seniors with cataracts.

There are things that increase your odds of being colorblind. Certain medications can increase the risk. A family history is another red flag. A history of eye problems or disease, such as diabetes or glaucoma, can also make colorblindness more likely. 


In many cases, colorblindness is only a mild inconvenience. For some, color-coordinating their outfits may be the biggest issue! However, colorblindness can make people ineligible or unable to properly perform certain jobs, such as being a pilot or working in color-oriented fields, such as design work. People with red/green color blindness may also have trouble driving. 


There is no cure for colorblindness, but there are treatments available for colorblindness. Special contact lenses and/or glasses may help. Certain phone apps may also work. If the colorblindness is the result of another condition, treating that condition may help. Ask your eye doctor for more information.

Do you have questions or concerns about your vision? Contact us here at Davich Optical! As your Los Angeles, CA eye care center, we’re here to help!

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