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Theatrical Contact Lenses

October 15, 2021

Halloween is coming up quick! You may have noticed theatrical lenses becoming quite popular in recent years. Those cat eyes, red eyes, or blacked-out eye contacts can be the perfect finishing touch to a great costume! However, it’s important to use these lenses properly. Otherwise, you may find that the dramatic effect you were after comes at a high price. Used improperly, costume lenses can lead to serious eye problems! A Los Angeles, CA eye doctor offers some tips on this below.

Choosing A Seller

We can’t overstate how important it is to go through an eye doctor for theatrical contacts. You may find those stunning alien eye lenses at a Halloween store or flea market, but going that route is risky. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that retailers haven’t cut corners or used sub-par materials. That may not matter for the rest of your costume, but it’s not a chance you want to take with your eyes. The only way to guarantee that your lenses adhere to safety standards is to go through a licensed optometry center. 


You should always get a prescription for contacts, even if you don’t need vision correction. It’s important to make sure that your lenses fit properly. If the colored part doesn’t sit correctly on your eye, it could cause problems.


Don’t underestimate the potential risks of improper use. Some of these include corneal abrasions, allergic reactions, vision problems, and infections. These are not issues to be taken lightly: they can cause partial or complete vision loss.

Lens Care

Like any other lenses, theatrical lenses should be removed at night, and properly cleaned and disinfected before being worn again. Use the same protocols as you would with any other contacts. Only use sterile solution, and never share your lenses with others. Don’t wear them beyond the recommended storage time, either. The materials do break down over time, so the lenses you had last year may no longer be safe for use. Ask your optometrist for specific advice.


Plan things out so you only need to wear your lenses a little while. About four hours is a good goal. Avoid leaving them in longer than eight hours. If you notice pain, burning, redness, or vision problems, immediately remove the lenses and contact your optometrist.

Do you need Halloween contacts fitted? Call us, your Los Angeles, CA optometry clinic!

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