Toric Contact Lenses

Toric Contact Lenses

Astigmatism is a common optical condition that is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. One of the primary duties of the cornea is to focus light onto the retina, which enables clear eyesight. In normal eyes, the cornea is smooth, round and spherical. In an astigmatic eye, the cornea is not spherical and often features a second curve. This creates two focal points, resulting in blurred vision. 

The irregular shape of astigmatic eyes makes it difficult to fit traditional contact lenses comfortably. To address this, specialized contact lenses called toric lenses are required.

What Are Toric Contact Lenses?

Toric lenses are custom-made to fit the eyes of each patient and are designed to correct existing astigmatism. Unlike standard contact lenses, which feature a perfectly spherical surface, toric lenses feature a more oblong shape. This is done purposely to accommodate the irregular shape of the astigmatic eye. The most common type of toric lenses is soft toric lenses, though rigid gas permeable (RGP) material may be prescribed in certain cases.

Toric Lens Options

Toric lenses are available in a variety of different wear schedule options, including daily disposable and long-term wear. In some cases you may even find colored toric contact lenses. Due to the customization required, toric lenses tend to be more expensive and may take more laboratory time to produce than traditional lenses.

If you have astigmatism, finding the ideal fit for your contact lenses is essential. Contact Davich Optical today to schedule and examine. We can determine which type of toric lenses will work best for you to help you see and feel your very best.

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